Acu-Ozone™ CLASSES
Ozone classes we offer to Licensed Acupuncturists:
Beginning Acupoint Injection with Ozone Sterilization 15 NCCAOM PDAS and or 15 Florida CEUS
EARN YOUR WORTH Begining Acupoint Joint Injection with Ozone Sterilization Class We only have 6 spaces due to the social distancing laws .
Join us In Glenwood Springs Colorado in October 17and 18 9:00 to 8:00 PM In 2 days you will learn the begining class Get 15 FLorida CEUS and Cololrado PDAS. Focus on the knees the elbows the wrists small acupoint points shoulder the TMJ Disorders neck and some Lower back Plenty of practice
Begining Acu-Ozone" 15 CE or 15 NCCAOM 6 slots only Injection class with Ozone Sterilization.
Take advantage of this opportunity to set yourself apart through the use of this profound injection technique. We will even show you how to do Acupoint injectable facelifts with ozone. Join us now for 2 days of "hands on" instruction and plenty of practice Address is 3950 Midland Ave Glenwood Springs Colorado. You can fly into Aspen Grand Junction or Eagle Vail The class will be $800. No refunds but if you are sick you can take another substitute class given later on in the year. Begining AIT training is required. Call 970 379 9559 to register Class space is limited. All seats on a first come first served basis.

Acu-ozone knee class demonstration trailer

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CALL TO REGISTER 970 945 2097or 970 379 9559
 Kathy  Stahlman

Get 30 CEUs or NCCAOM credits
Prerequisite: Basic Acupoint Injection Therapy certification with 1 year of injection practice.  No refund once registered except to apply to another class if there is an emergency cancellation

Each class is 3 days and classes run from 9 am to 8 pm each day, with breaks for meals.  Please feel free to bring your own snacks.

The injectable homeopathic remedies used in this class are regulated and approved by the FDA.  Ozone Therapy is recognized by the American Academy of Ozonotherapy. and is certified homeopathic.. Call us to send your referrals We pay for
Class is limited to  6  students on a first come first serve basis.     To register, call 
                             970 379 9559           


Ozone therapy plus Chinese Medicine has helped me my 91 year old mom and my moms caregiver to go through 2 weeks of the Sars covid virus without any side effect or any problems. We do have the protection .
Don't be fooled by others. We teach more in our Ozone class and charge less for what you learn hands on as an AIT Acupuncturist. Get a greater value as you learn it .
Latest Review from our last Class in Lake Worth Florida I wanted to thank Kathy Stahlman for giving me this course I returned home and bought the equiptment . To my surprise approximately 1 year later I made all money back plus big profits even during a pandemic that I spent on the equiptment and the course. That was a bang for my buck. I told her she could teach MDs this course it is so technically accurate. Dr Swartz LAc Miami Florida. This Hands on class is the only one in the USA developed specifically for Acupuncturists It will increase your value as a practitioner by creating a more powerful healing in your clients, who will refer their family and friends simply because you can, in most cases, rapidly eliminate their pain and stimulate a greater increase in Soft tissue growth and repair Learn how to inject acupuncture joint points with homeopathic medicine and ozone. Results have been proven internationally in Europe, China, Canada, Indonesia, Cuba and many more countries, for the past 60 years I am a MD and an Acupuncturist I took her course last year and I walked in walked in with a cane and walked out without pain. I was in a Car accident 10 years ago and had arthritis and Kathy fixed my neck with the Acu-ozone. I send her many of my family and friends. She helps them with knee problems shoulder problems and back and neck problems. Jorge Ramirez. I am the teacher Kathy Stahlman I had injured my knees from across country skiing accident I had this winter. After teaching my Students this summer in Bradenton, I had them inject both knees with Acu-ozone . Now I am climbing mountains without pain. Thank you My Bradenton Class.
Ozone therapy is world renown in Asia , India ,Cuba ,Spain and Germany and most of Europe and South America. Doubled blind studied in Spain Take advantage of this opportunity to set yourself apart through the use of this profound injection technique. We will even show you how to do Acupoint injectable facelifts with ozone.
This class is developed and taught by Kathy Stahlman, L.Ac., AIT, who envisions the acupuncture profession rising to the forefront of healing with this cutting edge technology. Kathy studied with Dr Frank Shallenberger, and is certified in Ozone Injection Therapy (Prolozone) and has lectured at the American Academy of Ozonotherapy on "Acupoint Injection Therapy with Ozone" for many international doctors. Kathy has lectured to doctors also at The American Academy of Ozone to medical doctors and acupuncturists in Utah ,Colorado, Nevada and Florida. and South Carolina. Kathy has been in practice for 30 years, and has been providing Homeopathic Injection Therapy for the past 10 years and Ozone Healing Therapy, with great success, for the past 6 years.
South Carolina: