Looking for licensed acupuncturists and doctors of oriental medicine that are trained in Acu-ozone™?
The Acu-Ozone™ website is for people looking for licensed Acupuncturists and Doctors of Oriental medicine that are trained in Acu-ozone™. This advanced class greatly increases patient’s mobility of joints and the body metabolism. Ozone therapy revitalizes the body and enhances health tremendously.

Attention, all Acupuncturists ,DOM, DAOM
HURRY!  Space is Limited for Next Acu-Ozone classes teaching advanced Joint point with Ozone Sterilization.  Only a few seats left!

Florida  CEUS and PDA can learn this effective technology.
The next class will be held Saturday & Sunday, October 9th and 10th,  at 6950 Cypress Road Suite 210
Plantation, Florida  33317.
Hurry.  Space is limited and classes are filling up.
Call Kathy to register: 1-970-379-9559
Call Michelle for directions: 1-678-521-3223

What is ozone?
O3 oxygen with a third molecule is naturally occurring in nature. Lightning produces ozone through electrical excitation of oxygen molecules. It forms H202 when combined with water vapor and cleans out pollutants from the air. Ozone is what creates that fresh smell after the rain. The earths ozone layer protects our bodies from harmful radiation from the sun. Plants grow stronger with the H202 molecule in water when combined with Ozone.
Ozone is a form of medicine that is antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal. Today physicians and doctors around the world use ozone in their treatments to heal herniated discs without the use of surgery as well as revitalizing arthritic and minor injury of joints.
Other common ailments that benefit from ozone treatments include areas of the knees, neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, back, TMJ issues and carpal tunnel syndrome. Ozone is a super charged molecule of oxygen. 03 stimulates an immune response when combined with homeopathic and nutraceuticals in the form of an Acu-point injection.
The great healing properties of Acupuncture
By now you know the great healing properties of Acupuncture. Now imagine having an acupuncture treatment that oxygenates your joints to rapidly reverse aging in the knees, neck, shoulders, back, and hips. Acu-Ozone is that class that trains acupuncturists to alleviate joint pain, reverse aging, and revitalize the body in record time. These are the acupuncturists who have trained in this modality. Click on a practitioner that is in your area and you will be prompted to their personal page to further learn about their training and specialties offered.
Practitioners in your area

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